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Berlitz doesn't even stop during this time! For the sake of the health and safety of employees and customers, face-to-face classroom activities have been suspended but not cancelled, and our current students have now fully switched to online solutions. We continuously offer courses in more than 60 languages in a safe online environment in live classes with your favourite teachers!

As the oldest language school in the world, Berlitz has experience not only in face-to-face but also online teaching.

We have been teaching continuously in our schools for 142 years, and for 17 years we have also been running virtual classes.           

We are the world leader in online education and the quality of our remote services is just as high as that of face-to-face teaching. We have continuously helped our clients speak foreign languages with confidence during both world wars, the Great Depression of 1929, and we will not give up in times of pandemic! 

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Regardless of which option you choose, trainers will use the Berlitz Method® to quickly and effectively help your employees achieve their business communication goals. Start your journey with our Corporate Charter Groups!

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You have total flexibility to choose when lessons take place and the overall duration of the course. With the private attention of your trainer your motivation is kept at maximum level, which helps the quick achievement of your learning.

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