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English Camp in Dąbki, Poland
(Age group 7-15)

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

Bursztyn Medical SPA & Wellness S.C. resort is a high-standard hotel with impeccable reputation. Bursztyn has been one of our most popular camp locations with children and their parents. Bursztyn hotel is situated in Bobolin, a quiet part of Dąbki – a seaside town. The main attraction of this place are spacious and clean beaches and a boardwalk with lots of tourist attractions. We offer a high-standard accommodation, diet and recreation. Our students can also use an indoor swimming pool. They will stay well-equipped detached summer houses in a closed and  monitored green area in the shared rooms for 3-5 people with bathrooms.

ACCOMMODATION - well-equipped cottages on a wooded and protected site, 3-5 person rooms with bathrooms.

DIET - 3 meals a day + dessert/fruit and drinks during the day. Delicious home-made food, meals served in a hotel restaurant.


Language program – trip around the world

The basic principle realized during language classes is teaching by means of Berlitz Method. It means teaching and learning through speaking where the participants communicate exclusively in English. We mean to create natural English speaking environment for our students where the learning process will develop naturally, logically and interestingly. Berlitz teachers, using solely the target language, involve the students into an active spoken communication from the first lesson. Children and teenagers soon start expressing themselves in a foreign language which gives them pleasure, satisfaction and motivates to take further steps in learning.

  • Four English lessons daily based on Berlitz Method
  • Work in small homogeneous groups
  • Language games and activities, individual and group projects
  • Immersion in the culture of English-speaking countries
  • Conversations based on everyday life topics and students’ hobbies and interests – stressing correct pronunciation and choice of vocabulary
  • Creative events – Scavenger Hunt, Theater Workshop, Talent Show and many other
  • Experienced teachers, excellently prepared, passionate and enthusiastic about work with children and teenagers

Sports and

The main task of Dąbki recreation program is encouraging kids and teenagers to discover their favourite sports. Our aim is to create joyful and friendly atmosphere so that young people could try and prove themselves in sport activities. Every day they will try a different sport activity, learn about it and practice it. In the program there are: floorball, tennis, swimming, football, beach volleyball, Nordic walking, running, fitness, archery, speed badminton. At the camp, the participants will collect points for each competition, and in the end the points will be summed up for the camp Olympics. Competitions will be organized in the way that enables each participant had the possibility to win or receive a distinction. At the end of the camp there will be barbecue and an evening at the campfire.

teaser_kids camps_goreczyno Swimming

Everyday swimming lessons with a coach, advanced class for those who already can swim.


Training session with a II class coach, 3 games during stay (all participants will receive necessary equipment).

Extra Activities

Segway and torqway, music evenings, dance parties, a trip to an amusement park. One of the attractions is a coach trip to Darłowo, visiting Pomeranian Princes Museum and a sea cruise with the rite of Pirates.

What you can expect:

A rich program of language education and sports, numerous attractions, experienced staff of instructors, excellent program and unique locations guarantee unforgettable holidays for every child. We invite you to experience adventure with Berlitz.