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English Camp in Karyntia, Austria
(Age group 11-16)

In our safe, comfortable and all-inclusive camps

Karyntia is a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and lake. Over the town you can see peaks of the highest mountain in Austria – Großglockner. In the southern part of the region we can see magnificent limestone, crystal clear and warm lakes. One of the most famous lakes in the region – Wörthersee surrounded with many historical buildings. It is a perfect place for those who love swimming, surfing, sailing or even snorkeling.

Alpenrose Hotel is located in the middle of this stunning area in a town called Treffen near Villach. It is a lovely place located near Italian and Slovenian boarders. There are 4, 5, 6-persons rooms with bathroom and TV. Tasty and healthy meals and drinks are included in the offer at the hotel’s restaurant.

DIET - Tasty and healthy meals and drinks are included in the offer at the hotel’s restaurant, for long trips children receive lunch packets.

Language program – trip around the world

The basic principle realized during language classes is teaching by means of Berlitz Method. It means teaching and learning through speaking where the participants communicate exclusively in English. We mean to create natural English speaking environment for our students where the learning process will develop naturally, logically and interestingly.

Berlitz teachers, using solely the target language, involve the students into an active spoken communication from the first lesson. Children and teenagers soon start expressing themselves in a foreign language which gives them pleasure, satisfaction and motivates to take further steps in learning.

  • Four English lessons daily based on Berlitz Method
  • Work in small homogeneous groups
  • Language games and activities, individual and group projects
  • Immersion in the culture of English-speaking countries
  • Conversations based on everyday life topics and students’ hobbies and interests – stressing correct pronunciation and choice of vocabulary
  • Creative events – Scavenger Hunt, Theater Workshop, Talent Show and many other
  • Experienced teachers, excellently prepared, passionate and enthusiastic about work with children and teenagers

teaser_kids camps_dabki Tourist’s ABC

We planned a trip to Raggaschlucht, sunbathing on the beach by Ossiacher See (another really clean lake, with temperature of about 25°C in the summer), visiting Landskron Castle – Japanese macaque’s land, cable car trip to the peak of Gerlitzen mountain (2000 meters), a trip to Venice, St. Mark square, biggest Venice bridges, barge voyage and at the end there will be sightseeing tour of Vienna with a guide.

teaser_kids camps_Rabka Zdrój, Beskid Zachodni Extra activities

Disco, table tennis, football and volleyball court on hotel premises.